This program is designed to provide each player with the opportunity to build positive self-esteem and to develop his/her technical and tactical abilities to their fullest potential within an atmosphere of positive reinforcement and fun.

Santos FC is blessed to have coaches with deep experience, both as licensed educators of the sport, but also as players at the highest levels. This combination allows our coaches and trainers to understand how the educational process develops to establish positive role models for all our players. The Santos coaching staff has shown the ability to transform players otherwise overlooked by other clubs for varying reasons, often times for not being fast enough. Currently our teams are competing on par with the various top teams in the state. Many of those once overlooked players have been coached by our staff, and are then actively recruited by other clubs. Technically and tactically we have produced some of the best players in Central Ohio.

2018 Program Details (December 4th - March 25th)

- The sessions entail 3 v 3 games & skills training 

The combination of both will help players become comfortable with the ball​ and enhance technical development.

Boys Schedule


Age 5-7 (9:00am - 10:00am)

Girls Schedule


Age 5-7 (12:00pm - 1:00pm)