Santos Futbol Academy believes that learning "O Joga Bonito" or "The Beautiful Game" has enormous benefits for the intellectual and personal development of any youth. In order to expand our ability to achieve our mission, Santos Futbol Academy is committed to construct an indoor/outdoor sports facility with the purpose of creating a well rounded sporting culture where all aspects of the player are nurtured within Central Ohio.

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Santos Futbol Club

The Santos Futbol Club began in 1990 as an instructional soccer club. Santos FC operates under the governance of the Tri-Village Soccer Association, encompassing the communities of Upper Arlington, Grandview, Marble Cliff and beyond. 


Under the guidance of the late Dr. Bob Davis, Ben Suffron, Susan Boyland, Bill Snellgrove and others, the TVSA was created and nurtured to broadcast their passion for the beautiful game across central Ohio. We owe them a debt of gratitude for their collective foresight, for their vision has been transformed into a vibrant and energetic family -- the Santos Futbol Club.

Year after year our players improve, and, as a result, the club continues to grow.  The coaches reputation for caring about the balanced development of each player is the sustaining force keeping the parents charged which, in turn, excites the coaching staff.  It is significant to mention that all the trophies in the world will never replace the family environment that was initiated by our founder, Dr. Bob Davis. 


Santos FC is a family, and as such, we both rely on and rejoice in the many volunteers which support our players. In particular, the individual team administrators (all parent volunteers) play a critical role in the organization of the teams and in maintaining the Santos family.

The destiny of the organization indeed resides in good hands.